Transport Children or Cargo with an Easy Add-On Bike Kit

Transport Children or Cargo with an Easy Add-On Bike Kit

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What are cargo bikes?

“Genius!" Responses like this are why we work in electric transportation innovation. This is what happened when the electric bike battery turned the tried and tested bicycle into a more efficient, modern and innovative vehicle. Now, e-bikes are taking off in all sorts of directions. Enter cargo bikes.

Because electric bikes are not limited by the rider’s endurance and strength, they can take more weight – if only there was a place to put it. The next step was naturally an innovation like ARGO’s child seat add-on kit.

Convert your e-bike to a child-carrying cargo electric bike with ARGO’s easy-to-assemble kit. This the most affordable way to get yourself a cargo bike. It’s compatible with ENVO e-bikes and the majority of hybrid and mountain bikes.

What is the ARGO child-carrying add-on kit?

Going out for a ride isn’t easy if your little ones aren’t comfortable on a bike yet. If they can ride a bike, you still have to fret about their safety and they likely won’t go at your speed. So, you would usually have to sacrifice your weekend ride or leave the kids behind. Now, you can get in that quality time and enjoy a ride at your own pace while keeping the kids in sight.

It’s simple to attach and operate the ARGO kit. It replaces the front wheel on most quick-release standard and electric bikes with a child-carrying seat. The system directs the steering input to the front wheel ahead of the ARGO child seat for ease of use, while your precious cargo is right where you want them: safe in front of your eyes.

You can install the add-on kit to your e-bike in a minute without any tools. The battery power assist offsets the added weight so you’ll barely feel the difference as you ride.

What is a utility E-bike trolley add-on?

The Trego is similar to the ARGO: a front wheel conversion kit, and is well compatible with ENVO electric bikes as well as most standard e-bikes, but rather than a box it turns your bike into a utility bike in one simple step.

This adds huge convenience for cargo bike transportation as once the electric bike reaches its destination, the utility bike attachment can easily be detached from the front and used as a hand trolley. This saves a lot of time and hassle, especially when delivering and picking up cargo indoors.


This is the first trolley that connects to the front of your bicycle in seconds.

The utility bike attachment employs tilting front wheels that allow the rider to lean their electric bike into corners and even negotiate some unpaved terrain, emulating the stability of a regular front wheel.

Telescoping handlebars allow the trolley to fit nicely under the ebike’s handlebars while riding and then extend top standing height when detached.

Why use the cargo bike and child seat add-ons on an E-bike?

Taking your existing e-bike and turning it into a multi-functional cargo or child-carrying electric bike gets the most out of your investment.

This means a single electric bike battery is now performing multiple roles rather than just one, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles. To watch them in action visit and see if they are right for you. These add-on kits are available at EbikeBC as the only current Canadian retailer but will be coming to ENVO soon.