Hybrid scooter offers options for different road conditions and user abilities

Hybrid low step thru scooter

Meet my hybrid low step-thru scooter pictured below, a very comfortable grocery-getter or commuter for days when the sun is shining, and even when it’s not. The scooter has 80 kilometres of range on a single charge and can accommodate up to 30 kilograms of groceries, gear, or anything else you can stuff into it. […]

A 4-Wheel Drive Hybrid Scooter, an Active Senior’s Adventure

Here we have a hybrid mobility scooter equipped with an array of options that allow the user to adjust their ride for wet roads, grocery runs, or family rides. The 500W motor-powered scooter weighs in at 82kg and is 220cm long by 82cm wide. On the storage compartment behind the seat, there is room for […]

A Senior’s Adventure in Mobility

Biking is wonderful, you get exercise, a sense of freedom, speed, and when done correctly, flow. However, one’s flow can easily be interrupted by those pesky uphill climbs, especially as a senior. The solution? A 500W front wheel kit with a bare battery from EBikeBC. I successfully installed the kit onto my 35-year-old bike in […]