Hybrid scooter offers options for different road conditions and user abilities

Hybrid low step thru scooter

Meet my hybrid low step-thru scooter pictured below, a very comfortable grocery-getter or commuter for days when the sun is shining, and even when it’s not. The scooter has 80 kilometres of range on a single charge and can accommodate up to 30 kilograms of groceries, gear, or anything else you can stuff into it. […]

A 4-Wheel Drive Hybrid Scooter, an Active Senior’s Adventure

Here we have a hybrid mobility scooter equipped with an array of options that allow the user to adjust their ride for wet roads, grocery runs, or family rides. The 500W motor-powered scooter weighs in at 82kg and is 220cm long by 82cm wide. On the storage compartment behind the seat, there is room for […]

ENVO Flex – An Introduction


FLEX – An Introduction The concept of electric bicycles as a mobility solution is relatively new compared to traditional internal combustion powered vehicles such as your car. While electric bikes may be the new kid on the block, they absolutely have the potential to replace the majority of traditional modes of transportation that use fossil […]

ENVO SnowBike Kit Innovation Adventure

Submitted by Ali Kazemkhani After the development of the ENVO Electric SnowKart a new idea came to me. Why don’t we use the same track mechanism we used to develop the SnowKart to create something totally different — a SnowBike! Starting with the same track module as the SnowKart, the SnowBike track module was built […]

A Senior’s Adventure in Mobility

Biking is wonderful, you get exercise, a sense of freedom, speed, and when done correctly, flow. However, one’s flow can easily be interrupted by those pesky uphill climbs, especially as a senior. The solution? A 500W front wheel kit with a bare battery from EBikeBC. I successfully installed the kit onto my 35-year-old bike in […]

Electric SnowKart Second Generation

Submitted by Ali Kazemkhani Whenever we gather new information from testing our innovations I always start re-thinking the whole process from A to Z. Several days and nights of thought and discussion led to the following ideas: A rubber track with steel knobs instead of steel blades The steel track we used for the 1st […]

Electric SnowKart First Generation

ENVO Electric Snowkart Gen 1

Submitted By Ali Kazemkhani My Snow Machine Design Journey: When I was a little kid my dad built me a wooden toboggan, I couldn’t wait until winter when my dad and I would head to the slopes to ride my sled. It was the love of my life at the time. I felt so much […]

ENVO ST: A Very Canadian Easy Step-Thru eBike

Immediately after ENVO D35 successfully launched late 2018, we received several comments from our professional dealers as well as individual users inquiring about ta Step-thru version of this ebike. An electric bike with similar frame technology and weight and same e-assist system delivering same performance, stylish look, weight and cost, but with a low entry […]