From Bike to Ebike: Top 5 Conversion Kits To Transform Your Existing Bike

Tandem bike with conversion kit

Have you ever wanted to transform your old bike into a new and improved ebike and give it a new life? Well, now you can! With the ENVO ebike conversion kits you can turn any standard bike or adult tricycle into a high-powered ebike or electric snowbike! Here are the top 5 conversions we’ve done […]

Why You Should Invest In An Ebike In 2022

riding ebike on a boardwalk

Now that January is in full swing, you may be thinking of getting an ebike for the upcoming spring. No matter what resolutions you have set, whether sticking to a routine, changing your habits to be more sustainable, or being more conscious of your health, taking small steps is key to creating change. You may […]

5 Tips To Carry A Christmas Tree On Your Ebike

Envo Earth ornament how to carry a christmas tree on your envo ebike

With so many Christmas traditions, the most important is getting a Christmas tree. Transporting a Christmas tree isn’t the easiest task. If you have a car, it usually involves ropes, bungee cords and pine needles everywhere, then there’s the fear of your tree rolling off the roof once you start moving. While a car may […]

Benefits Of Using An Ebike For Post-Knee Injury Rehab

ebiking on road

There are many benefits in using an ebike, but as we get older it is good practice to maintain our physical well-being. Exercising can become a challenge as your joints age and mobility decreases, especially if you suffer from arthritis.  Individuals both young and old can suffer from knee injuries, which can lead to the potential […]

How To Prepare Your ebike For Fall And Winter

As the days get shorter and we transition into the fall and winter seasons, you will need to prepare your ebike. People tend to abandon their bikes until spring because riding can be difficult as the weather changes, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. A little cold has never stopped Canadians from going […]

New 2021 ENVO Line of Electric Snow Mobility

Women on Snowkart

The Envo Drive Systems line of electric snow mobility products is proof that a commitment to sustainable engineering can generate exciting and viable clean transportation options. Every Envo is purpose-built to last a lifetime and is packed with features that maximize the potential for outdoor adventure. This winter, make the most of your season with […]

ENVO EBike lasts up to 14,000 Km free of maintenance.


At ENVO Drive Systems we live by our unofficial motto: affordable quality. To meet our motto, we manufacture bikes that are well-engineered and reasonably priced. The ENVO D35 was launched in 2018 as an urban and leisure trail e-bike designed specifically with North American customers in mind. Recently, an 18-month-old D35 rolled into our service center. […]

ENVO Ebike maintenance tips

ebike maintenance tips

We hope that as a proud owner of an ENVO Ebike you are loving every minute riding. As you put mileage on your ebike, there are a few things you should know to keep your ebike in top condition for years to come. It is important to realize that your ebike may look like a […]

How is carbon saving for an EBike calculated?

ENVO Carbon Saving EBIKES

The method of calculating carbon saving for an ebike is not an exact science. But we at ENVO take a scientific approach in estimate the positive impact of our products on the plant earth. According to “Cycle more often 2 cool down the plant”, a report by European Cyclists’ federation [1] a car emits 271 […]

Lithium Ion Battery Pack: How is it tested?

Once the battery pack assembly is ready as per the design, the next step is to test the battery pack to verify the performance of the battery pack as per the application. The tests differ as per the request and the environment (Rajasekhar & Gorre, 2016). There are three types of tests that make sure […]