How To Prevent Ebike Fires: Ebike Battery Safety Tips

Lynx Ebike Fire

How To Prevent Ebike Fires: Ebike Battery Safety tips There’s been a lot of buzz around ebike fires lately caused by the battery, with some incidents being more severe than others. Ebikes are a great alternative to transportation and a game-changer in reducing fuel costs. If you have one, you know how much fun they […]

What Is Q Factor And How It Affects Your Riding

Q factor Flex

What Is Q Factor Have you ever seen a bike and instantly fell in love, but it didn’t feel right when you tested it out? The Q factor may be the reason. Now, what exactly is the Q factor? The Q factor is the distance between the outside point of one crank arm to the outside of […]

Testing the ENVO FLEX Snowbike


Snow In The Spring? Testing the Envo Flex Snowbike Canada is known for long winters, and lucky for us, that meant the ENVO engineering team could test the latest updates on the ENVO Flex Snowbike. Our engineering team and CEO went up to Cypress Mountain to conduct performance testing on the fresh powder on a […]

The Environmental Benefits Of Riding An Ebike

Ebike environmental benefits

The ebike is a bustling invention, and with many models on the market, they’re gaining popularity over other modes of transportation. With society being more environmentally conscious, it’s not surprising to see a surge in ebike sales, especially with spring and summer right around the corner. For the environment, this is great news because more […]

ENVO Ebikes Compliant With Eco-Fee

Ebike eco fee

All You Need To Know About The Eco-Fee At ENVO our goal is to keep electronics out of landfills. Eco-fees help covers the cost associated with the safe and responsible recycling of end-of-life electronics through regulated recycling programs. Eco-fees are often administered by provincially-approved recycling programs and are not government taxes. As of May 1, […]

Ride An Ebike This Earth Day- The History Of Earth Day

Earth Day Ebike

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for protecting the environment. The month of April is when we get to celebrate what mother earth has done for us, a chance to give back and do better. Earth day is more than just a particular day of the month. The history […]

How To Fold The ENVO Lynx – A Compact Utility Ebike

Envo Lynx folded

You may know the ENVO Lynx is the best foldable Ebike on the market. A folding ebike is perfect for those with limited storage space or without a bike rack for their car. The small but mighty size means the ENVO Lynx is easy to transport yet perfect for urban commutes and adventures. So this […]

What Makes The ENVO Lynx The Best Foldable Ebike

Envo Lynx

Engineered in Canada the ENVO Lynx is a stylish, efficient and foldable electric bike. It is perfect for those with minimum space and well suited for urban commuting, fitness or adventure. The lightweight LYNX adapts perfectly to your lifestyle. The ENVO Lynx is one of the first ebikes globally to be certified with UL 2849, […]

Top Factors When Buying an Ebike

Lynx Ebike

Ebikes are one of those novelties that when you see someone with one, you want one too. It’s easy to get excited, jump online, do a quick research and order the first Chinese import ebike for under $1,000. But, when it arrives, and you test out a few rides, it starts to fall apart a […]

ENVO ST: A Very Canadian Easy Step-Thru eBike

ENVO St Jungle

Immediately after the ENVO D35 successfully launched in late 2018, we received several comments from professional dealers and individual users asking about a step-thru version. They wanted an ebike with a similar weight and electric-assist system that delivers the same performance, style, and cost, but with the added feature of a more accessible-friendly frame. Challenge […]