From Bike to Ebike: Top 5 Conversion Kits To Transform Your Existing Bike

Have you ever wanted to transform your old bike into a new and improved ebike and give it a new life? Well, now you can! With the ENVO ebike conversion kits you can turn any standard bike or adult tricycle into a high-powered ebike or electric snowbike! Here are the top 5 conversions we’ve done to get you on your next adventure!

1. SnowBike Conversion

Now you can convert your favourite bike to conquer the snow! This is a great option for fitness, adventure and all-around family fun. We converted this etrike so now you can lay back and experience all winter has to offer! Easy to assemble and disassemble and very capable in all winter terrain including ice, hardpack, slush and powder. 

This Sun Bicycles recumbent fat trike was converted using our snowbike conversion kit  which uses a 750W motor. The tripod design gives you more stability so you can tackle those snowy hills at ease.


2. Fat Bike Conversion

This Kona bike was converted using our D-series kit, it now has a 500W motor and 36V so you can have high-performance torque to continuously ride those hills in the backcountry. If you love the adventure and excitement but want more, converting your regular fat bike into an electric fat bike will give you that extra juice you’ve been looking for to go further, faster, and stronger. 

3. Cargo Trike Conversion

Our friends at Frog Hollow came to us to have a D-series kit installed on their mobile outreach vehicle that they use to connect with isolated seniors. Having a powerful 500W motor and 48V allows them to load up on even more supplies than every before. This allows them to provide much more for those in need, easily taking on the hills faster and more efficiently

4. Road Bike Conversion

Sometimes your old bike needs some extra love to get it going again. We are all about reduce, reuse and recycle, this road bike has definitely seen some milage. We converted it using a 350W motor and 36V battery to give it some newfound juice. When you love something but wish it could do a little more, sometimes all it needs is a little glow up and off you go! Go further and faster with the added battery and throttle all while having the feeling of riding your traditional road bike.

5. Tandem Recumbent Conversion

This particular Hase Bike was converted using a 48V 500W motor so that this customer can take his daughter with special needs on rides with him! They put on about 30km/week and it’s a great activity they can do together with the accessibility a conversion kit can bring.

If you’re thinking of getting rid of that old bike, maybe think again. A conversion kit can do wonders and transform your old bike into something brand new! We have a variety of conversion kits that can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to know more Contact Us and we will help set you off on a new adventure.

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