ENVO EBike lasts up to 14,000 Km free of maintenance.

At ENVO Drive Systems we strive to live by our unofficial motto of affordable quality which means our bikes are well engineered and reasonably priced. ENVO D35 was launched in 2018 as our first urban and leisure trail ebike, this ebike was designed specifically keeping north American customers in mind. While these ebikes are on road for the past four years they are still years away from the end of their design life. It is for this reason we were excited to see a 2019 model D35 roll into our service center with odometer reading of 14,083 kilometers a few days ago! Yes you read it right, it had fourteen thousand kilometers of usage in in just over 18 months. The customer had ridden more than 25 kilometer everyday since he bought the ebike.


While the wear and tear were to be expected, it was exciting to see that ebike was in good condition considering the lack of proper service and tuning up. The customer confessed that he did not do any of the recommended service or inspections. So in this blog post we will look at this particular ebike and analyze its situation.

Ultimately what brought the bike back into the service center was motor noise which after inspection turned out to be wear on the planetary gears inside motor, this wearing was caused by strenuous usage. Apart from that copper coil and bearings of the motor were in reasonable condition.


Next was battery which was still working great, this is to be expected as lithium ion batteries can easily last up to five years unless abused by user. The frame of the ebike was in perfect condition, while there were small scratches here and there but frame was free of rust and paint job was flawless. The original tires were long worn off after about a year of usage which is around 9,300km. Apart from that brake pads needed replacement every 6 months. The battery is still going strong, even after 500+ charges the range is still 40-50km per charge.

Parts that did show signs of damage include:

Rear and Front Fender

The front fender had broken off while the rear fender’s screw was broken. According to customer the damage to the front fender was from a tin can ricocheting from the wheel while the rear fender fell victim to normal wear and tear

Front Fork Rusting

The fork was not oiled at all during the 18 months of usage. This ultimately lead to rusting on the inner legs, while the suspension was working it was clear that fork has seen better days.


Overall the ebike was in a good situation even without the recommended service but if the guideline were followed it would have increase the life of the bike even further. The part of the ebike that did fail, motor gear, could have increased life if the full throttle on the bike is seldom used, the sudden speeding up of the bike places high stresses on the motor gears which ultimately causes wear.



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