Hybrid low step thru scooter with optional 1-, 2-, or 3-wheel drive

Rudolph Pekau

Hybrid low step thru scooter with optional 1-, 2-, or 3-wheel drive
Enclosed is a picture of my hybrid low step thru scooter with optional 1-, 2- ,or 3- wheel drive. It is very comfortable and I use it frequently for shopping and recreation. The front wheel is 500W and the rear wheels are 350W each. The battery and controller for the front wheel are in the front, and there are two batteries and two controllers under the seat and in the rear. I alternate between the front wheel drive and the two rear wheel drive depending on if it is straight, hilly or if there is headwind, also in slippery conditions the two rear wheel drive is much better, it gives more traction. in extreme conditions for example on steep hills or on icy or very snowy pathways I use all 3 wheels to drive.

The low step thru is very easy to get on or off, a good feature for seniors, range is about 80 km, the pedals are for exercise with an adjustable friction brake, thinking about putting in a small generator to charge the batteries. Pedal shaft has 3 sensors on it. There is no chain drive. To adjust the power level for each wheel and there are three throttles, two on the right side on the handlebar which are operated in conjunction, and one throttle on the left side of the handle bar for the front wheel.
There are also 3 V-brakes, one for the front wheel and two which are operated simultaneously for the rear wheels, good grip even on the steepest hills.

Can carry 2 full shopping bags up to 30 kg. Use it mostly on bikeways and pathways, no problem.

Rudolph (Rudy)