A 4-Wheel Drive Hybrid Scooter, an Active Senior’s Adventure

Rudolph Pekau

Hybrid Mobility Scooter or 4-Wheeled Hybrid e-Bike
It is presently configured as a 4 wheel drive hybrid mobility scooter equipped with pedals. A removable roof might come later.
Each wheel is controlled individually with its own battery and controller .Weight 82 kg, max speed can be set at either 20, 25 or 32 km/h. Width 82 cm, length 220 cm, can carry 3 full shopping bags in the rear . Max continuous power  with temperature limit 500W.


But it can also be configured with only two rear wheel drive.

4 wheeled hybrid mobility scooter  or 4 wheeled E-bike , either 2 hub motors or 4 hub motors individually controlled.

Pedal equipped to either operate  electric generator or friction brake for the mobility scooter or , if configured as  as  a 4 wheeled e-bike drives right rear wheel, max. speed electronically controlled to either 20, 25, or 32 km/h. 

Range 80 km with standard battery set to 150 km with additional battery set, width 82 cm, length 220 cm, height without roof 120 cm, designed for removable roof or cabriolet. 

Weight 82 kg with standard battery set, turning radius, similar to small car, max. 

Continuous power electronically controlled to 500 W with limited temperature, safer than a bicycle or a trike.

I had it out for a couple of rides and it does very well. Double pushrod steering is very precise. Even more stable than my three wheelers ! I have to put some finishing touches on . Ride it on pathways, no problem. I wonder when Transport Canada includes these types of environmentally friendly and safer than a bicycle vehicles as part of the micro mobility?  See Frank Stronach’s SARIT vehicle recently in the news.

Additional info about project :
Space in front of driver and behind the driver could be utilized to accommodate 2 children seats. The standard battery capacity is 1.8 kWh, with the  additional batteries it will be 3.3 kWh. Charging time to full charge 3 hours.

Greetings from an active senior.